1-1 Home Visit / Training

The 1-1 home visit/training session is suitable for any age of dog and is ideal as a kick-start to your training programme or prior to joining a class environment. It enables us to concentrate on specifics and is a great way to get you on track, helping with direction and building owner confidence. This takes place at your home or at a location of your choice, whichever you feel is most appropriate.

If you feel that a session out and about in the environment would be more beneficial, or a familiar walk, then we can do this too. This is helpful with issues like pulling on the lead, reactivity towards other dogs or people, nervousness around traffic, horses or bicycles, for example - together with over-friendliness, jumping up greeting people, etc. If recall is proving to be a problem, we can organise one or more sessions to focus on this also. It is a super way to put theory into practice and provides real life opportunities to improve handling skills, enhancing confidence and trust, so that the client feels better equipped to offer kind, calm guidance to their dog.

The 1-1 home visit/training session is suitable as an initial assessment for clients who are a little unsure what they need. It is also ideal for those who require a simple one-off session, a bit of a refresher or for reassurance that they are dealing with things in the most effective way. For clients who prefer to ‘pay-as-you-go’ this one is for you.

£48 per hour

A session overview via email can be provided at an additional cost of £10. This includes a summary of what has been covered plus any recommendations or useful resources.

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