My assurance to you

(Code of Conduct)

  1. Do no harm. This is the ethical principle that has guided medical professionals for centuries. It is also at the heart of what I do.
  2. I will combine positive reinforcement training techniques with an understanding of natural dog behaviour to educate owners. My aim is to achieve, as far as possible, well-socialised, well balanced dogs and good citizens on both ends of the lead.
  3. I will always use respectful, kind and scientific methods. I will never use techniques or equipment that cause pain, instil fear or intimidation, or indeed anything you are not comfortable with.
  4. I will conduct myself in a professional manner and will always be honest, open and trustworthy in my dealings with you.
  5. My aim, at all times, is to empathize and be sensitive to the needs of dog and owner.
  6. I will continue to develop my skills and knowledge by keeping myself up-to-date with advances in the field of canine behaviour, enabling me to benefit my clients.
  7. When designing training and behaviour modification programmes, I will take into account the well being of my client and the individual dog.
  8. My goal is to give satisfaction with my services. However, I am unable to promise specific outcomes or results.
  9. I should recognise my own professional limitations, be open and honest with clients and where necessary refer clients to another practitioner.
  10. I will respect the Data Protection Act and the privacy of my clients; I will not disclose any information pertaining to my clients or their dog, without their written permission.
  11. I will respect the opinions of other canine professionals, whose approach may be different from my own. I will not publicly criticise their conduct, methods or opinions unless the conduct, methods or opinions could be considered abuse.
  12. I will maintain a professional relationship with my clients. I will not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek inappropriately to impose my own values on clients.
  13. When conducting my work, I will at all times consider the health and safety of myself, my client and the welfare of their dog. I will also consider my health and safety responsibilities to the general public and maintain a valid public liability and professional indemnity insurance policy.
  14. This code of conduct is a living document and will be developed to reflect changing training methods.
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