Premium Puppy Package (two home visits)

Give your new puppy the best possible start with two 1.5 hour sessions in the comfort of your own home. Offering advice, reassurance and guidance together with practical help as you negotiate those early days and weeks. Session one focuses on all the puppy essentials as per the New Puppy Home Visit, with the second session a week or two later looking at progress and addressing any problem areas now that your puppy has begun to settle into a routine.

Help, what should I do when my puppy won’t stop biting my ankles? How should I deal with the ‘zoomies’? How can I tire my puppy out so that he’ll settle? Why won’t my puppy listen to me!? My puppy just doesn’t understand what “No!” means ……

If required, this duo package could also be easily adapted and utilised as a puppy preparation visit - in advance of your new puppy’s arrival - to help you get organised and put things in place, followed by a second visit after puppy’s homecoming.

£90 (includes puppy information pack PLUS a free gift bag.)
Payment in full is required on initial visit

Dog Obedience Training
Dog Balance, Communication, Harmony, Confidence, Understanding
Dog & Puppy Obedience Training

Work with the dog you have rather than the dog you wish you had!