“Lesley worked with my dog Sally about a year ago. She had issues with aggression when meeting other dogs after unprovoked attacks from dogs on 3 separate occasions. Lesley helped me see that I compounded the issue by my nervousness when dogs approached. Sally sensed my stress which was making her problem worse. I’ve just had a holiday with Sally in the Lakes. Whilst there we went for lunch at a dog friendly cafe. There were 5 dogs in the cafe. It was lovely to see her calm and gentle as dogs passed our table. 18 months ago I would never believe this was possible and would have avoided this situation at all costs. Lesley is amazing, I can thoroughly recommend her.

Barbara CartwrightAstley, Greater Manchester, Sept 2022

“I met Lesley a couple of weeks ago to help us with our anxious little girl. In just 2 sessions we can see that Blaire is easier to calm and with the techniques that Lesley has taught us and Blaire, we are confident that things will continue to improve. We also worked on recall and have learnt so much in a short space of time already. I would absolutely recommend Lesley to anyone who needs support, she is very professional and cares for you and your dog. Five stars from me.”

Nicola Hewitt and BlaireAstley, Greater Manchester, August 2022

“Just completed 3 training sessions on the Paws-itive Package with Lesley. It was excellent. Lesley really knows how to read dogs – she got Jackson’s responsiveness to movement and suggested the perfect toys to fetch him running for recall. We had great fun working with Lesley and it was lovely to start to understand Jackson’s body language more with Lesley’s input. Definitely recommended.”

Leanne and JacksonHindley, Wigan, May 2022

“called on Lesley to help support me with my JRT’s increasingly anti-social behaviours. We (yes – I wasn’t without fault!) needed that bespoke, personalised intervention to address the issues, develop strategies and to rebuild the confidence to walk in busy places that we once had. After 4 sessions, the turn around is incredible! He’s an older rescue dog, so the journey may be ‘elongated’ but Lesley has shown me how to play to his strengths, to read his body language and to communicate effectively. We are well on our way back to having that great bond that exists between dogs and their owners and to enjoying the time we spend outdoors together. I cannot recommend Lesley high enough!”

Jackie Gill and OdieSwinton, October 2021

“Can’t recommend Lesley enough! In three sessions, she’s supported and guided us through strategies to help our anxious dog. She helped us to understand the triggers for him, how to prevent them from happening and then ways to manage it. He’s already made massive progress in responding to new people and wanting to go out on walks again. Thank you so much! Xxx”

Hannah Williams and MiloLeigh, Greater Manchester, June 2021

“Lesley is arguably the most understanding dog person I know. She has taught me how to embrace my very shy dog and to build on successes that have improved confidence and sociability over time. Floyd and I could not be where we are now if it were not for the patience and kindness of Lesley and David. Thank you for all you have done for us.”

Donna Crawford and FloydWorsley, Manchester

My CAnine Behaviour Custmer reviews and testimonials. Dog behavourist training Warrington

“Wow what can I say, Lesley visited this morning to my 6 month old very excitable puppy. Leyla had a bad start we are actually her 3rd home. She had some bad habits, I can't believe after Lesley visited this morning for only a hour the difference in her is unbelievable!!! I've had dogs in the past and always trained them but with Leyla bad habits needed a helping hand, professional advice..... I seriously can’t thank and recommend Lesley enough, we can see the difference in her already. Leyla needs a stable loving home to give her the chance, We are her forever home. Thank you Lesley”

Bev MidgleyNov 2019

“Over many years we have given a home to a variety of beaten, injured, starved and neurotic dogs but the recent arrival of Ben has challenged us.

On a visit to the Pet Shop at Bents Garden Centre, we saw Lesley's details and phoned her in anticipation. Although we had never met her, we were impressed by her initial response and she subsequently visited our home to assess Ben and our other rescue dog. Lesley began her assessment by controlling Ben's boisterous welcome and there followed four hours of intensive practical help and discussion.

It became clear that Lesley had a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of canine behaviour and we appreciated her helpful advice and suggestions, as well as encouragement for the way we were already dealing with Ben's complex problems.

The visit was followed by a detailed written functional analysis, which has proved to be a very useful reference document, further helpful literature and recently a C.D. There have been several phone calls and this follow-up interest in Ben's progress has been appreciated.

We have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Lesley's involvement and feel we have gained a friend.

*Ben is still under veterinary supervision for 'separation anxiety' but his medication has already been reduced and we are optimistic for the future.”

Mr and Mrs A StanleyWarrington, Cheshire

“Attending classes with Lesley has been a wonderful experience for us. Not only have we learned training techniques but it has also aided with bonding. Our puppy is not the easiest to work with, he is exuberant and lacks attention, but rather than get cross or frustrated, we have learned to recognise when to train and how to catch the right behaviour and reward it before the time has passed. Even though he is still very difficult at home, we are learning how to make small steps and celebrate the successes. Having had a bad experience of training classes in the past, I was initially a bit wary, but after meeting Lesley and talking with her I thought it was worth giving it a go. It has been so worth it. She has also helped with a private session with a specific problem with our older dog. She has good background knowledge and uses up to date techniques, but doesn’t force things if they don’t work and looks to try other methods. I really recommend her classes and private sessions.”

Erica Park-WarburtonLeigh, Greater Manchester

“I like Lesley. She is my favourite teacher and she gives me chicken when I do well and doesn’t get cross when I don’t get things quite right. I enjoyed going to classes and am looking forward to the next set.”

Henry(aged 8 ¼ months)

“Lesley helped my mum and dad with some problems I started having when going out after I lost my big brother. She gave us some good ideas to keep me calm in shops and when sat in cafes and didn’t get cross or force things when ideas didn’t work. I adore my snuffle rug so much.”

Leo(aged 8)

“Lesley helped me so much on her Puppy Package visit! We went through many different things and she explained everything clearly and patiently! As a first time dog owner I was probably making a few mistakes and she helped me to be the best owner my puppy could have. We've already seen a lot of improvement in Granita's behaviour and life with her is so much better now; we are looking forward to Puppy training. Thanks a lot!”

Carla CoriglianoLeigh, Greater Manchester

My CAnine Behaviour Custmer reviews and testimonials. Dog behavourist training Warrington

“Absolutely invaluable afternoon with Lesley. We worked on lead control and recall with our dog Winnie and saw a complete difference by the end of the session. I joked with Lesley that it was training for my wife and I rather than the dog! We are going to put the skills to the test and then get her back in a few weeks. Thanks Lesley.”

Gareth Waite and WinnieAtherton, Greater Manchester, March 2023

“Lesley was amazing with my 5 month old pup! A total positive change in behaviour at home and out on walks!”

Katie BarkerLeigh, Greater Manchester, 2021

“Absolutely invaluable afternoon with Lesley. We worked on lead control and recall with our dog Winnie and saw a complete difference by the end of the session. I joked with Lesley that it was training for my wife and I rather than the dog! We are going to put the skills to the test and then get her back in a few weeks. Thanks Lesley.”

Gareth Waite and WinnieAtherton, Greater Manchester, March 2023

“We bought Bennie 2 years ago, he's a Jack Russell X. We had problems with his anxiety and reactivity issues with other dogs although he's always on a lead. We contacted Lesley at My Canine Behaviour for help. Lesley very kindly came to our home and met Bennie and helped us to understand his behaviour issues which was a great help. Now 9 months or so down the line we go on guided dog walks with several other owners and their dogs without any problems at all. Even when it's just us and Bennie he still behaves calmly, still the odd slip but that's OK as we know how to diffuse it now. Walks are enjoyable now and so is adopting a dog. We can't thank Lesley enough and consider her and her family as friends.“

Mike and Tricia Lucas (And Bennie)Leigh, Greater Manchester

“Absolutely wonderful, read and understood both our dogs perfectly and gave us the skills to do the same and encourage a lovely healthy relationship between them both. Highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future. Also the puppy classes were AMAZING for our little one.”

Ally EvansLowton, Warrington, August 2020

“Just had a fabulous one to one session with Lesley. Excellent knowledge, non judgemental and just a really lovely lady. I feel I have so much useful information and can't wait to start implementing it. Highly recommend.”

Katie AndrewsAstley, Greater Manchester, April 2020

My CAnine Behaviour Custmer reviews and testimonials. Dog behavourist training Warrington

“Following our adoption of a rescue dog, we soon found that he had behavioural problems, we contacted Lesley to assess Silas behaviour and found that Lesley was very helpful.

She explained his behavioural problems were due to fear as he had not been socialised as a puppy. This fear showed itself as aggression to other dogs.

Lesley was very helpful in not only explaining what the problem was, she also took the time to walk with us and Silas to observe his behaviour while out walking. She has also been there on the end of the telephone with helpful advice when needed.

Lesley has also provided a lot of written information on the problems and further useful resources for us to continue with the training of Silas.”

Carol and Dave MorrisBryn, Ashton-in-Makerfield

My CAnine Behaviour Custmer reviews and testimonials. Dog behavourist training Warrington
My CAnine Behaviour Custmer reviews and testimonials. Dog behavourist training Warrington

“Lesley answered her phone on a bank holiday, when no-one else was and I was struggling with my husky pup, Caesar. Great customer service from the offset and when Lesley came to our home she was very polite, friendly and put things into a perspective we could understand. Lesley explained what we were doing right and never said we were doing anything wrong but offered an alternative approach. Lesley clearly showed she has a massive amount of knowledge with canines, would recommend to anyone struggling with their dog.”

Nathan WoodStockport, Cheshire

“We have a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and as I'd only ever had smaller dogs, I was scared of not being able to control Harry as he grew. Coming to Lesley was the best thing we could have done. She has taught us so much, and I'm no longer afraid to try new activities with Harry for fear of having no control over the situation. Harry's confidence has come on in leaps and bounds since doing the Puppy Beginners Classes. I would definitely recommend Lesley and use her again in the future. Thank you so much!”

Kelly BirchOrrell, Wigan

“We first met Lesley from My Canine Behaviour when I signed Daisy up for the 6 week Puppy Beginners Class, she taught me to be confident and calm with my handling skills which set Daisy my little cavapoochon up for success. From the success of attending the puppy class I also signed Daisy up for the 6 week Junior Class to build on my handling skill and training of Daisy. I can say that both class were both fun and light hearted in a relaxed atmosphere with Lesley explaining everything in a calm and patient manner. Daisy absolutely loved both classes, not only the training but the chance to try the agility equipment. For myself I took away a great understanding of my pooch and gained some fantastic best practices that I continue to work on with Daisy.

We also love to take part in the free social dog events that Lesley runs, its fantastic to have a catch up with her and also meet other dog owners.

She’s always super friendly and wants to know how Daisy is getting on.

I recommend this lady highly, 5 “pawsome” stars recommended by myself and Miss Daisy.”

Amanda Harrison-SmithTyldesley, Manchester

Dear Lesley

I would like to pass on my most sincere thanks to you for the behavioural assessment that you did for my recently adopted 6 year old female German Shepherd Dog for the purpose of insurance cover.

The assessment was extremely thorough and your calm professional manner put both myself and my dog at ease. We felt very relaxed throughout our meeting and appreciated your questions which displayed your obvious expertise in canine behaviour.

You were so generous with your time and the invaluable information that you passed on to me on various subjects......nutrition, well being, handling skills etc was all greatly appreciated to ensure I’m the best dog parent I can be.

I look forward to recommending your services to friends and family whenever a real pro is needed to help with their four legged friends

Michelle xGreater Manchester

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