A dog’s behaviour is directly connected to how they are feeling at any moment in time, a reflection of their emotional state. All behaviour has a function for the dog. Undesirable or inappropriate behaviours are often well established and regularly practised. In order to modify a dog’s behaviour and help them learn new routines and more appropriate responses, it is always necessary to look beyond the behaviour itself and address any underlying causes.

Some of the situations I commonly deal with are: reactivity in all its forms, fear based behaviours, separation anxiety, resource guarding, stereotypical behaviours. Other areas include issues within multi-dog households, settling new dogs into the home - including integration with other family pets - and settling dogs of all ages who have arrived from abroad that may have suffered trauma for example and who often need extra patience and care in the initial months.

Reactivity of one kind or another is sadly common and can be a difficult one. I have a reactive dog, I know whats its like! I know how it feels, more than likely I have been where you are now. The good news is that you can help your dog to become more resilient, more confident, relaxed and well balanced.

Behaviour Packages

Behavioural consultations takes place in your home and are designed to assist with the more complex, acute and problematic behaviour issues, often rooted in fear, anxiety and negative experiences. Although solutions to behaviour problems always involve aspects of both management and training, these special cases also require an understanding of a dog’s emotional and physiological response and why they behave as they do. In some cases we may work outside the home if appropriate.

Behaviour modification work always involves some training elements and all training involves an understanding of behaviour … the two are inseparable and go hand in hand.

The following behaviour packages are available with a choice of formats to suit your schedule:

Behaviour Package 1:

Three visits consisting of:
Visit 1: 2 hours
Visit 2: 1 hour
Visit 3: 1 hour


Behaviour Package 2:

Two visits consisting of:
Visit 1: 3 hours
Visit 2: 2 hours


What is included?:

  • a friendly and approachable professional who is non judgemental
  • a full and thorough analysis of your dog’s behaviour identifying problem areas
  • a behaviour modification plan tailored specifically to you and your dog
  • additional relevant resources and recommendations if appropriate
  • support and advice throughout for each step of your journey
  • my knowledge and experience
  • my passion for what I do
  • the benefits of my ongoing continued professional development, e.g. reading, courses, workshops, seminars, online learning, etc.
  • all the rewards of investing in your relationship with your dog

In most cases, a history form will be sent out prior to the first appointment to request background information. This is an essential part of building up a picture of how best I can help you and means that time can be spent more effectively during my time with you. Your behaviour report is forwarded to you via email, or if requested a hard copy can be provided and delivered to you at an additional cost. Email support is also available for the duration of the package and for four weeks following the final session.

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, head over to my Coaching/Training Packages page.

Follow-up Behavioural Visit

A follow up session* for previous Behavioural Package clients, to check in with progress, look at anything that may have cropped up in the interim and help you stay on track.

(*within 12 months)

£45 per hour

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