I hold an Accredited Canine Behaviour Practitioner Diploma with the British College of Canine Studies, which consolidated several years' practical, hands-on, literally 'in the field' experience, working with dogs and their owners in a training environment. This involved traditional multi-dog training outside in a class setting; 1-1 consultations; puppy training; group walks and supervised socialisation.

Lesley Gornall. Dog behavourist training Leigh

Why dogs behave as they do is a subject that fascinates me so it was a natural progression for me to specialise in dog behaviour. If you can establish the emotion behind a behaviour, you are in a better place to start changing the behaviour by changing how a dog feels, using techniques like desensitisation and counterconditioning. I find this is an essential starting point.

My approach is caring and sensitive, using kind and patient methods, based on current scientific thinking. I concentrate on building confidence and trust, empowering the person to become the best care-giver they can be for their dog.

Every case, every person and every dog is different and my approach will always reflect this.
Dog behavourist & training Leigh

My own dogs, past and present, have been amazing teachers and I have learned so much from each of them over the years. It is a privilege to share your life with dogs and I am so grateful for everything they have taught me. There have been challenges along the way and I have found that there is always a new way of looking at things and that one method does not suit all. They have shown me how important it is to take breed requirements into consideration …. temperament and personality too. I thank them for being so forgiving of all my mistakes, allowing me to learn from them and move forward – a kinder, more patient guardian, hopefully a little wiser, definitely more flexible in my approach – and still learning. This, in turn, helps me to help others.

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